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What's harder? Keeping to my budget or knowing the year I will die?

on Tue, 2014-04-15 07:41

Interesting perspectives on retirement planning - budgets, spending ratios and human behavior!

A New Paradigm for the Expensive Advice Business Model?

on Sat, 2014-04-12 20:00

Start ups don't always succeed; however, revolutions in pricing and delivery methods can catch on and have a lasting impact. This article shows how Vanguard as well as a number of start ups are attempting to offer personalized advice but without the typical .70% or 1% of assets fee. The chart is instructive and informative, and still, it's always a good idea to be wary when promises sound too good to be true. Do your own due dligence!

Behavioral Finance Strikes Again – and hurts investors!

on Sat, 2014-03-15 10:41

Wouldn't more self-awareness accompanied by a wise advisor have helped here? Jason Zweig tells the sad story of investors' regret in Haunted by the Bull Market that Got Away.

Uh-oh: Who Forgot to Add Those Fees Up?

on Sun, 2014-03-02 06:40

Not only are some fees hidden, but how many take the time to really look at the impact of fees on your wealth?  Give Fees an Inch and They'll Take a Mile explains more, courtesy of the SEC's latest bulletin. 


Who Can Resist the Promise of Great Returns?

on Fri, 2014-01-31 08:00

Can an educated investor resist the performance promises that aren't real? In spite of hypothetical instead of real track record, investors were lured to invest, and the SEC investigated. Misleading advertising, and yet, how many investors would catch that? SEC: Adviser tweets not so sweet